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Studying of functions of Imagination in the Elite Sport: the Analysis of Structural and Functional Interrelations of Images and Representations with Personal Characteristics of Professional Athletes

Автор: Sevostianova

Article presents the results of empirical research of interrelations between images and representations used by athletes in training process and during preparation for competitions with actual state and key psychological characteristics. Research approves a new author’s questionnaire “The individual card of visual representations of the athlete” created as a result of systematization of experience of using different techniques of visualization by more than 240 professional athletes – members of national teams of Russia. Results of using this questionnaire show that application of this technique allows to reяect the contents and changes of a set of images and representations in active repertoire of the athlete most fully. Moreover, application of a new technique in total with the proved methods of diagnostics of psychological characteristics of athletes and methods of statistical data processing allowed us to allocate 3 complex psychological key factors of psychological readiness and successful psychological training for players of Russian national team on rugby (N=23): 1. «Management (active inяuence and control) of a situation»; 2. «Anticipation and the advancing overcoming»; 3. “Modeling of a situation and achievement of optimum ёghting spirit”.


Situational Approach in the Social-Human Cognition: Objectives, Principles and Categories

Автор: Veklenko

The article gives a general description of the situational approach to solving problems of the socialhuman cognition. The author considers the removal of contradictions between the objectivist (natural science) and the subjectivist (the humanities) methodological orientations in the social-human cognition as the objective of the situational approach. An overview of the theoretical foundations of the situational approach – the introspective ontology going back to Kant’s theory of cognition and theory of situations based on the non-classical tradition of philosophizing – is given. The article discusses the conceptual apparatus of the theory of situations, categories that describe the statics of the situation as a subjective-objective structure and the dynamics of the situation as the rationalconditional interaction and relation between the situations.