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Graphic Materials of Tashtyk Culture in Tepsey Archaeological Complex

Автор: Shishkina

Tepsey archaeological complex provides different information about the people who lived in Minusinsk Basin. Tashtyk culture is presented by the unique excavation materials (ceramics, animal bones, bronze and iron rings, buckles, knives, remnants of wooden and birch-bark utensils, horse-heads, mortuary masks etc.). Plaques and images on the hearse give us information about artistic materials of the Tashtyk epoch in Tepsey. Speciёc artistic materials are astragals of roe-deer with drilled holes carved with signs-images. Petroglyphs of this period were depicted on Tepsey mountain and Tagar mounds (kurgans). They were performed in different techniques. The petroglyphic images of the Tashtyk epoch in Tepsey are varied (elks, deer, oxen, anthropomorphic images etc.). Analysis of these images discovers the new sides of world outlook of their creators and gives the whole picture about this culture.