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The Scarlet Flower

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Первый авторГаршин Всеволод Михайлович
АннотацияИзбранные рассказы Всеволода Гаршина на английском языке.
Кому рекомендованоПереводы
Гаршин, В.М. The Scarlet Flower [Электронный ресурс] : Сборник рассказов / В.М. Гаршин .— 1965 .— 94 с. — Проза .— Режим доступа: https://rucont.ru/efd/4776

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CONTENTS Four Days The Coward The Meeting Artists Attalea Princeps The Reminiscences of Private Ivanov The Scarlet Flower The Tale of the Toad and the Rose Nadezhda Nikolayevna The Signal The Travelling Frog FOUR DAYS I remember running through the woods, forcing our way through the hawthorn bushes, while the bullets whizzed around us, snapping off branches. <...> Sidorov, a young soldier of Company One ("What is he doing in our skirmish line?" I found myself wondering), suddenly slumped down on the ground and looked back at me in silence with great frightened eyes. <...> I also remember how, in the dense undergrowth, within almost a stone's throw from the edge of the wood, I first saw him. . . . <...> He could have gone round it, but in his fear he did not know what he was doing and flung himself upon the prickly branches. <...> I struck out, and knocked the rifle out of his hands, then struck again and felt my bayonet sinking into something soft. <...> I remember firing several shots after I had come out of the woods into a clearing. <...> I should have said "our men" instead of "we," because I was left behind. <...> I heard nothing, and saw only a patch of blue; it must have been the sky. <...> I have never been in such a queer position before. <...> I am lying, I believe, on my stomach, and see nothing in front of me but a small patch of earth. <...> And I see it with only one eye, as the other one is pressed hard up against something--no doubt the branch on which my head is resting. <...> I am terribly uncomfortable, and want to shift my position, and simply can't understand why I am not able to do so. <...> I hear the chirr of grasshoppers, the hum of bees. <...> At last, with an effort, I disengage my right arm from under my body, and pushing away from the ground with both hands, I make an effort to get up on my knees. <...> Why do I see the stars shining so brightly <...>
VSEVOLOD GARSHIN THE SCARLET FLOWER FOREIGN LANGUAGES PUBLISHING HOUSE Moscow Translated from the Russian by BERNARD ISAACS Designed by YEVGENY RAKUZIN OCR: http://home.freeuk.com/russica2/ "I took notice of you the moment you appeared in litera-ture. Yours was undoubtedly an original talent. . . . Every ageing writer, who sincerely loves his calling, is glad to discover that he has successors: you are one of them." IVAN TURGENEV Garshin was born in 1853. He came from a noble impoverished old family, and received his edu-cation at the Mining Institute. When the Russo-Turkish war broke out in 1877 he joined up as a volunteer. Garshin's flrst story "Four Days" was written in hospital after he was wounded. A passionate denunciation of war's senseless cruel-ties, it was published in the pro-gressive magazine Otechestvenniye Zapiski edited by Saltykov-Shchedrin. It made Garshin's name, and drew appreciative com-ments on the young author from I. Turgenev and L. Tolstoi. "The Scarlet Flower," "Four Days," and "Attalea Princeps," in-cluded in the present volume, are the best of Garshin's stories. The "Scarlet Flower" is rightly consid-ered to be the gem of his crea-tion. This story about a scarlet poppy and the crazed hero who entered into single combat with all the world's evil is told with real affection and a profound knowledge of the human heart This story is dedicated to I. Tur-genev, the great Russian writer, who was the friend and teacher of Garshin. CONTENTS Four Days The Coward The Meeting Artists Attalea Princeps The Reminiscences of Private Ivanov The Scarlet Flower The Tale of the Toad and the Rose Nadezhda Nikolayevna The Signal