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Мир иностранного языка (международные отношения, культура, традиции Великобритании) (190,00 руб.)

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Первый авторЛасица Л. А.
АвторыЕвстафиади О. В.
ИздательствоГОУ ОГУ
АннотацияМетодические указания "Мир иностранного языка" содержат страноведческий материал о традициях и обычаях, культурных ценностях, национальном характере жителей страны и международных отношениях внутри Объединенного королевства. Предназначены для студентов 5 курса специальности 031001 "Зарубежная филология", изучающих английский язык как второй иностранный.
Кем рекомендованоРедакционно-издательским советом государственного образовательного учреждения высшего профессионального образования «Оренбургский государственный университет»
Ласица, Л. А. Мир иностранного языка (международные отношения, культура, традиции Великобритании) : метод. указания / О. В. Евстафиади; Л. А. Ласица .— Оренбург : ГОУ ОГУ, 2010 .— 90 с. — URL: https://rucont.ru/efd/193173 (дата обращения: 26.10.2021)

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However, there is quite a lot which distinguishes education in Britain from the way it works in other countries. <...> The British government attached little importance to education until the end of the nineteenth century. <...> Britain was leading the world in industry and commerce, so, it was felt, education must somehow be taking care of itself. <...> Today, however, education is one of the most frequent subjects for public debate in the country. <...> It is a characteristic of the British system that there is comparatively little central control or uniformity. <...> For example, education is managed not by one, but by three, separate government departments: the Department for Education and Employment is responsible for England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have their own departments. <...> None of these central authorities exercises much control over the details of what actually happens in the country’s educational institutions. <...> Central government does not prescribe a detailed programme of learning or determine what books and materials should be used. <...> Nor does it dictate the exact hours of the school day, the exact dates of holidays or the exact age at which a child must start in full-time education. <...> In general, as many details as possible are left up to the individual institution or the Local Education Authority (LEA, a branch of local government). <...> For the first time in British education there is now a set of learning objectives for each year of compulsory school and all state schools are obliged to work towards these objectives. <...> There is one for England and Wales, another for Scotland and another for Northern Ireland. <...> There is even a difference between England and Wales. <...> Only in the latter is the Welsh language part of the curriculum. 1.2 Compulsory education (nursery school, primary school, secondary school) Preschool education in England begins at the age of 3 or 4. <...> Compulsory primary education (5 – 11 year olds) begins at the age of 5. <...> Pupils have a lot of fun at school, drawing, reading, dancing or singing. <...> The day starts at or just before nine o'clock and finishes between three and four, or a bit later for older children. <...> Nearly two-thirds of pupils have lunch provided by the school. <...> Parents pay for this, except for the 15% who are rated poor enough for it to be <...>
Министерство образования и науки Российской Федерации Федеральное агентство по образованию Государственное образовательное учреждение высшего профессионального образования «Оренбургский государственный университет» Кафедра английской филологии и методики преподавания английского языка Л.А. Ласица, О.В. Евстафиади МИР ИНОСТРАННОГО ЯЗЫКА (МЕЖДУНАРОДНЫЕ ОТНОШЕНИЯ, ТРАДИЦИИ, КУЛЬТУРА ВЕЛИКОБРИТАНИИ) Методические указания Рекомендовано к изданию Редакционно-издательским советом Государственного образовательного учреждения высшего профессионального образования «Оренбургский государственный университет» Оренбург ИПК ГОУ ОГУ 2010 1