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Local fauna of bumblebees (Hymenoptera, Apidae) in the lower reaches of the Northern Dvina River

Автор: Potapov

This article is devoted to an investigation of the local fauna of bumblebees in the lower reaches of the Northern Dvina River in northern Russia where 27 species of bumblebees were found during the present study. The basis of the local fauna of bumblebees in the lower reaches of the Northern Dvina River is related to species with a wide range. The majority of the species are Transpalaearctic. Holarctic, Sub-Transpalaearctic, whereas West-Central Palaearctic are less represented. According to the latitudinal aspect the majority of the species are temperate, and the rest are boreal and arcto-temperate. One of species found in the local fauna is subboreal. The number of species in the studied local fauna is the largest among the local faunae of the northern part of the Arkhangelsk Region. It is comparable to the local faunae of the southern part of this region. Here is recorded species such as Bombus soroeensis, B. distinguedus, B. ruderarius, B. veteranus, B. humilis, and others, which are not typical of native taiga habitats but are the meadow species in the European North of Russia. Due to the wide development of meadows and ruderal communities in the lower reaches of the Northern Dvina River, these species are widely represented here. The rare species in the studied local fauna are B. patagiatus, B. humilis, B. consobrinus, and B. schrencki.


Local fauna of bumblebees (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Bombus Latr.) in the outskirts of the town of Kandalaksha, southwest Kola Peninsula

Автор: Potapov

This article presents the results of research focussed on the local bumblebee fauna in the southwest of the Kola Peninsula (near the town of Kandalaksha). In general, if we include the published data, the local fauna have 16 species of bumblebees. Among the species of the present study, the recent record for this region is Bombus wurflenii Radoszkowski, 1860. This species was previously unknown in the European North of Russia. It is typical for mountain ecosystems in Europe (Scandinavia, the mountains of Central and Western Europe, the Balkans, Northern Turkey and the Caucasus). We assume that the record of B. wurflenii on the Kola Peninsula is the recent appearance of this species in the region. One of the possible reasons for the expansion of this species is climate change. Other species of bumblebees in the local fauna are typical for the region. The species present wide ranges, i.e., Transpalaearctic, Holarctic and one species of West-Central Palaearctic. In the outskirts of Kandalaksha, there are 2 species (B. distinguendus Morawitz, 1869 and B. veteranus (Fabricius, 1793)) which belong to the group of meadow species according to their habitat preference. They are not common for the taiga habitats in the European North of Russia. We can explain